Holland’s Tulip Fields

This morning, while I was shivering on my way to work, I counted how many months of cold we have left. I was feeling a little blue when I realized that warm weather is still a ways off, but my day brightened after I stumbled uponВ Normann Szkop‘s photos of Holland’s tulip fields, via (Which, coincidentally, is predicting lots of snow for theВ weekend. Yay. You know how much I love being cooped up in my apartment!)

If you’re also in need of a cheery dose of spring, take a look at Szkop’s gorgeous photos below and on his Flickr page. I can’t even imagine how brilliant those colors must look in person!

tulip field

tulip field

tulip field

(Photos viaВ Normann Szkop’s Flickr set)

So Ready for Spring

Park Avenue Roses ..and the long weekend, too. I’m hoping the weather stays as warm as it’s been the past few days!

I’d been hoping to see Will Ryman‘s “Roses” along Park Avenue for the past few weeks, but it was always too cold to walk uptown, out of my way. I finally ran into them, by chance, the other day, when I was on the UES for another bridal appointment. I’m very happy I glimpsed them on a nice(ish) afternoon when there weren’t piles of ice and dirty snow around!