About Me

Heather Eng

My tagline basically says it all: I’m a native New Yorker who loves travel, ballet and my hometown.

I was born in Manhattan, grew up in Queens and spent most of my early years plotting my move back to the other side of the East River. I eventually made it, and now live uptown, in a pretty corner of Washington Heights. I love NYC because of the endless possibilities it offers—I know I’ll never be able to see, do and experience everything.

I work in the digital field and as a freelance travel writer. While I’ve been lucky to have staff jobs for most of my career, that’s also meant that I’ve always had limited vacation time. But over the years, I’ve learned to maximize it as much as possible with lots of weekend trips and birthday and bigger trips, usually with my sister, Mallory (who is mentioned in pretty much every other post). I feel the need to get out of town at least once a month.

When I’m not traveling, you’re pretty likely to find me in NYC, taking a ballet class or here.

All text and photos © NYC Expeditionist, 2009-2016, unless otherwise noted.


  1. Thank so much for sharing all the pics of the Rockhouse and Tensing Pen! My fiance and I are looking to get married in Jamaica and we are trying to choose between the Rockhouse and Tensing Pen! Which one would you recommend? They both seem beautiful!

    1. Thanks for reaching out, Kate—and congrats on your upcoming wedding! I think Negril would be an amazing place to get married and really don’t think you could go wrong with either Rockhouse or Tensing Pen. They’re both gorgeous and I loved both—though, personally, Rockhouse was a little more my style. I found it to be a bit more polished and sophisticated (it feels kinda like it’s run by city folks!), while Tensing felt more casual and laid-back, with a home-like vibe. Each was special in its own way. Hope that helps—and would love to hear which one you choose!

  2. Hi Heather, nice to meet you! I consider myself a New Yorker even though I actually only lived there continuously for four years. My parents moved there from Hong Kong back in the 80s so I visit often. May I ask who your ballet teachers are? When I am in NYC I like to take ballet classes

    1. Hello! It’s nice to meet you, too! I’m actually a big fan of your city–HK is my second favorite, next to New York.

      I take most of my classes with Kat Wildish at Ailey. (She’s the one who inspired me to start dancing again, after several years off.) I also take classes at Ballet Arts (at City Center) with a number of teachers, all whom are very good: Antoinette Peloso, Lucy Raianova, Kenny Larson.

      Let me know which classes you end up taking next time you’re here! And I look forward to keeping up with your blog, as well.

      1. Hi! Thanks for sharing the names of your teachers. I have never taken class at Ballet Arts. It would be fun to try it next time I visit. Will surely let you know

        I enjoy reading your blog a lot! It keeps me up to date with what’s happening in New York! And I agree with you–that you will never run out of things to experience in the Big Apple.

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