MetroCard Art

In my humble opinion,В few things are asВ quintessentially NYC as MetroCards. They’re literally your keys to the city, allowing you to travel pretty huge distances (e.g. my Washington Heights apartment to Coney Island) with a single swipe.

That’s why I’m loving Single Fare 3, a new exhibit that showcases art created on MetroCards. More than 1,000 artists submitted pieces for a chance to have their tiny works displayed. The exhibit runs at Tribeca’s RH GalleryВ through February 22, and individual cards are available for purchase through March 15.

Some of my favorites:

McKean Thomas MetroCard

Dina Brodsky MetroCard

Stacy Seiler MetroCard

Jeff Faerber MetroCard

Jeff Bellerose MetroCard

Not all the cards are NYC-themed; those are just the ones that I was most attracted to. (Surprise, right?) Check out all of them here.

(Images fromВ Single Fare 3В via WNYC)


  1. this is so cool! before i started opting to refill my metrocard whenever it ran out, i would just have stacks of them laying around – what a great idea this would’ve been then! рџ™‚

  2. Where can I get some expired metro cards I live in Ontario Canada and my 6 year old collects the different ones? She only has a few and people are just throwing them out please help.

    1. Hi Glenn! I wish I could help you out, but I have no idea where to obtain expired MetroCards. Your best bet may be to contact the MTA or see if there are any organizations that collect and recycle them. Good luck! And let me know if you find any good resources!

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