Love and Hate in NYC

Constellations of Love and Hate

How awesome is this graphic? John Nelson, a UX and mapping manager (and clearly a super-cool guy), mapped out all the tweets that contained the words “love” and “hate” in the NYC-area over the course of a few weeks–which essentially created a pointillistic map of the city.

I love the clear outline of Manhattan, especially downtown, which, not surprisingly, seems to have the densest population of Twitterati. It’s intriguing to see how densely the tweets run along Broadway–you can easily spot the diagonal cutting across the island–and how there’s a gaping void right where Central Park is. Plus, I was amused that a bunch of negative tweets were in the LaGuardia airport area. (Who actually enjoys going through airline security!?)

But most of all, I appreciate there were almost 75% more “love” than “hate” tweets. Here’s to positivity in NYC!

(Photo via IDV User Experience; found via Travel and Leisure)


  1. Wow, thanks for the coverage! Go NYC! I’m making a version of the same area with ‘bored’ and ‘excited’ (and you’ll never guess where the boredom hotspots are -sarcastic font)…

  2. This is awesome! What a genius idea. I love (heh) to see that there’s more love than hate overall.

    Also, I see that you travel to Maryland a fair amount! (I’m from around Baltimore.) Your Seacrets post is pretty spot-on. Fun, but also skeezy, but also pretty, but also that nasty section of the bay. Ugh. Last time I was there, I did go in the water but tried not to think about it. Meanwhile, there were girls drunk off their asses basically swimming in it up to their chins. SO GROSS.

    1. Haha, I loved hearing that you had a similar Seacrets experience, Cassie!

      I’ve had a great time in your home state for the past year and a half, too. My sister lives on Maryland’s eastern shore, but she’s moving back to NY this week. I really enjoyed all the beaches and crab in the area and will definitely miss it!

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