Happy Mother’s Day!

meme and e at the met

My mom is awesome, as I’ve mentioned multiple times! And though the list of reasons why could fill many blog posts, this Mother’s Day, I’m thanking my mom for one thing in particular: instilling in me my love of ballet. Besides Mallory, of course, I think that’s one of the best gifts she’s ever given me.

My mom always had an affinity for dance, especially ballet. She signed me up for classes practically as soon as I could walk, and took me to see ballet performances, both nearby in Queens and “in the city” (as I called Manhattan, when I was a kid). Over the years, she always encouraged me to continue (or, at times, restart!) my own dancing, and has never missed a single one of my performances. Even today, she’s my dance buddy who I can always count on to watch any show with me.

From those first classes and performances, my mom has given me something invaluable that’s lasted my entire life: the passion for a hobby I truly love—one that brings so much joy to my life. So thank you, mom, for that!

Happy Mother’s Day! ❤

(Photo: my mom and E last Mother’s Day, at Lincoln Center, pre-NYCB performance)


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