Trip Envy!: Guatemala

Lake Atitlan
After my 25th birthday trip to Costa Rica, Mal and I decided that each year, we’d visit another Central American country until we’d seen them all. For a few years, we did that, following up CR with Nicaragua, then Panama. (We also dipped down to Bolivia, on another occasion.)

Then, last summer, I broke our pact. I booked my solo trip to Guatemala, even thoughВ it killed me to do so.В But I was desperate to take a Spanish-learning trip and fixated on going to PLQ—despite the fact that a long vacation was out of the question for Mal, who’d just started a new job. I went and had an amazing time, though wished she was there, too!

So I was thrilled when Mal and Peter decided to take their own trip to Guatemala. They’re going to Xela, as well, but also spending a few days at Lago de Atitlan, Central America’s deepest lake. I really wanted to spend time there, but only saw in passing. (And snapped the photo above.) I’m looking forward to hearing all about their time in the country (look for an upcoming guest post)—and curious about how it compares to mine.

…and then we can figure out which Central American country we’ll hit next! (I’m thinking El Salvador…)

Buen viaje, Mal and Peter!! вќ¤


  1. What a fabulous idea! I also have a “pact” with a travel buddy – we visit a new country each year together… our last trip was to Argentina in 2010, so we’ve skipped two years now due to work and other commitments. But! This year we’re heading to Burma together, so that should be an eye-opening experience. Look forward to reading about your mate’s travels, and might I suggest Belize? рџ™‚

    1. Whoa, Burma! That’s awesome! I’m jealous. 😉 My friend recently got back from there and his photos were amazing. Can’t wait to read about your trip with your travel buddy!

  2. Hi there! I’m from New York, currently living in… Guatemala! Love your blog (tho, it makes me miss the city!) and hope your sister has a great trip. I just did a three-day hike from Xela to Lake Atitlan in December with an awesome nonprofit called Quetzaltrekkers. If you’re sister’s into hiking, she should def check them out. They do day trips, too. I’m sooo not trying to self-promote, but if she’s interested, I wrote about our trip here:

    p.s. Really enjoy your blog!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Melissa! Haha, I miss Guatemala, so I’m looking forward to keeping up with your blog. And thanks for the link about your Quetzaltrekkers hike–I actually wanted to do that when I was in Xela but didn’t have the time, so I’m excited to read about your experience!

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