Animals in Hiding

Maybe it’s because we grew up in the city, but Mal and I are TERRIBLE at spotting wildlife. (She’s bad and somehow, I’m even worse than she is.) Anytime we’re hiking, our guide, or whomever we’re with, will point out an animal—a sloth, monkey, bird, deer, cool insect, whatever—and it takes us 10 years to spot it. Half the time, I can’t find them at all, no matter how hard I look.

So I couldn’t help but laugh to myself when I came across the work of Art Wolfe, a man far more talented than I am—both at spotting animals and photography. For his “Vanishing Act” project, he somehow found wildlife camouflaged in their surroundings and captured them on film. I honestly have no idea how he did it. Because if I were embarking on a similar project, I’d have a grand total of zero pictures.

Here are a few of his incredible shots:

art wolfe

art wolfe

art wolfe

art wolfe

And, um, could someone please tell me where the animal is in the photo above? I haven’t been able to find it!

(Photos by Art Wolfe via Bored Panda)


  1. WOW, I couldn’t find that last one for a minute, either. It’s a wolf– its head is peeking out behind a tree toward the left, middleground. I think the giraffe is my favorite… he’s the biggest one, yet I did not spot him right away!

  2. These pictures are really neat. They remind me of the crazy images pictures where its a bunch of patterns and eventually a 3d image will appear to you. But this of course is more real and more cool. What a neat discovery! Same to your blog as well as I just stumbled upon it. рџ™‚

    1. Thanks, Katie! I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. And I definitely remember those “magic eye” 3-D pictures–it also took me forever to see those, ahaha!

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