NYC’s Best Wedding Videographers: 15 Minutes of Frame

I’ll admit that I was a little skeptical when Mal and Peter booked a videographer for their wedding. I figured that their photos would be amazing enough–would they really need a video, too? Plus, all the wedding videos I’d seen in the past were pretty lame with cheesy effects and stilted well-wishes from guests forced to speak into a microphone shoved in their face.

My opinion completely changed this weekend when Mal and Peter showed me their full-length wedding video by 15 Minutes of Frame. The company (coincidentally run by a fellow BU grad) provides each couple with a 20-minute full-length video, as well as a shorter highlights clip. The full-length video totally blew me away. It perfectly captured the emotion of the wedding ceremony (which left me sniffling and reaching for tissues), the fun of the reception and just how wonderful the day was for Mal, Peter and everyone involved (which had me laughing and grinning)–without being the slightest bit cheesy or cliche. I didn’t even cringe too much watching parts of my maid-of-honor speech!

Here’s the shorter highlights clip which is just as great as the full-length:

mallory + peter (highlights) from 15 Minutes of Frame on Vimeo.

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