countdown to summer

How Are You Surviving the Long Slog?

countdown to summer

Are you ready for summer yet? I certainly am! Even though I’m a die-hard east coaster, I’m not a huge fan of winter. In fact, I’ve been calling this period, from President’s Day to Memorial Day, “the Long Slog” for most of my adult life. Because that’s pretty much what it feels like!

Here’s why: In NYC, these are the coldest, greyest months. But unlike November and December, there’s no feeling of excitement and anticipation for holidays and all the fun they bring: family time; parties; last-minute, use-up-your-vacation-days trips. Swaddling yourself in tons of layers to leave the house is getting old.В The long, warm days of summer feel pretty far away, right now!

I deal with the Long Slog in various ways. I do a lot of ballet, make plans with friends, schedule a few weekend trips. And sometimes, I just give in to hibernation. I’ve made more dents in my reading list during Long Slogs than at any other time of year. And during one Long Slog, Mal, Peter and I camped out in our living room every weekend and watched all of Lost in its entirety.

How are you surviving the Long Slog? If you have any book, weekend trip or NYC event recommendations, please let me know. I’d love to hear!