A Where-I’ve-Been Globe

where i've been globe

In my office, there’s a “free shelf” where people can leave and take items. The other day, I found the best thing ever: an inflatable cloth globe covered with outlines of all the countries. I immediately took it back to my desk.

Apparently, it’s a Seedling Color the Earth ball meant for kids. I decided to make it my “Where I’ve Been” globe, so I colored in the countries I’ve visited—and was immediately humbled.

I have a lot of the world to see.

All of Africa and Antarctica are untouched. I’ve only been to a few countries in Europe—and not particularly huge ones, either (Iceland, the U.K., Norway and Denmark). Asia is pretty blank, save for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. Australia and most of Central America are pink. But I only have two countries blocked out in South America. And yes, it’s also kind of sad that I’ve never been across the border to Canada—not even to “bullshit Canada,” i.e. right by the Niagara Falls, even for a few minutes, as Peter asked me.

I know I’m lucky to have visited the places I’ve been to. But seeing how many more I’ve yet to experience just makes me want to pack my bag and head out on more trips.

Are you going anywhere exciting, soon? I could use some inspiration!

(And I did have a good time at the Grand Canyon, earlier this week. Photos and highlights to come!)


  1. “I’ve only been to a few countries in Europe—and not particularly huge ones, either” Remember that size doesn’t matter! It’s how well you get to know a country, whether it be big or small. I think diversity of a country matters more than size i.e. the people who live there, the natural landscapes, different cultures present, etc.

    Love the “where-you’ve-been” globe – I have a map of the world in my head and every time I sit back to think of all the places I haven’t yet explored, I am also, like you, immediately humbled. Happy travels and blow a kiss to the Chrysler for me, I moved out from NYC to Sydney last year and still miss the city something fierce!

    1. I totally agree that the size isn’t what matters–it’s the experiences you have. Smaller countries that you’ve visited are just harder to find on “Where I’ve Been” maps! 😉

      I’ll send your regards to the Chrysler building if you give mine to the Opera House–I was in Sydney for a few months in 2003 and have yet to return!

  2. I know exactly how you feel! My next vacation is to Spain before the end of the year. I’ve been to the country before, but will be seeing new cities. However, every time I look at my “where I’ve been” map on my office wall, I see how many blank spaces there are and I want to book a ticket.

    1. Mary, that sounds like a great trip–I’ve still yet to visit Spain, but look forward to reading about your time there!

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